About the Author

Justin Troy Peterson was born in Georgia (not the formerly Soviet one), raised in Virginia (not the western one), and currently a resident of Arizona (the…only one). For any international readers who might not be aware, that’s all within the contiguous United States of America.

He’s always been a storyteller, now having put pen to paper—or, more accurately, fingertips to keyboard—for roughly twelve years. His forays into fiction typically contain some degree of science fiction and a very high emphasis on adventure. He’s written a few short stories, participated in several original online text-based RPGs, and has a few novels in production. The Nomad Lens is projected to be his first work to see official publication.

His influences include Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and most things fictional by Michael Crichton. He has a self-prescribed itch to travel and is a practitioner of functional fitness ranging from gymnastic bodyweight training to Tony Horton’s P90X3. In Fall 2013 he completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona, now holding a Bachelor’s in Journalism with a minor in Creative Writing.


Direct any questions or comments to: thenomadlens@gmail.com

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