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“Dysfunctional” might be a good word to describe this site, if only that word didn’t connotate some sort of activity. Frankly, not much has been happening with myself on the writing front, which means even less has been happening here.

So…. “catatonic” it is.

I have some vague plans to change that. Rather than simply hosting a singular piece of fiction here, I plan to do a bit of rearranging to the site and use it as a platform for some of my other fiction. Of course, with me being such a wealthy internet entrepreneur, it will all sit beneath the banner of “The Nomad Lens”. No other domains will be created and, at this point, I have no plans to change the name of the site.

We’ll see if that changes in the near future.

Concerning the forseeable future, I’ll be making blog posts in an infrequent fashion and posting fiction as it rolls off the assembly line. This fiction will generally appear in the form of what I call “trim tales” – somewhere between 1,000 and 3,000 words, not short enough to be flash fiction and not long enough (in my opinion) to be called short stories. However, should the occasion present itself, a short story may very well appear on the site. And, in keeping with the domain name, progress on The Nomad Lens will progress and may be posted here, depending on my consistency.











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