What is  adventure?

For most, it’s simply the latter half of a hyphenated entertainment genre: action-adventure. But even as the eyes sweep across that word, the mind conjures imagery, climate, smells, even music. It is prompted by the promise of glory and colored by shades of peril. It is easily recognized, but difficult to distill. One will find that adventure is the natural habitat of intrigue, romance, horror, comedy, and catharsis—and they can exist in perfect symbiosis. That’s because adventure is no mere genre.

It is the genre.

And perhaps no medium has best preserved the greatest adventures of all time like the written word. From the darkest reaches of history came the visceral legend of Beowulf. From the grand age of ancient Greece came strange tales of heroes and gods and monsters. From the idyllic hills of post-Great War England came the histories of Middle Earth. For as long as history has been etched, adventure has proliferated.

My name is JT Peterson. I have some adventures I’d like to share with you.






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