Welcome to The Nomad Lens.

I’m JT Peterson: author and advocate of adventure, both in and out of reality. In the above menu you’ll find my fiction categorized by length, which ranges from 1,000-word short stories to full novels. I even have a series in the works.

The site, though (perhaps annoyingly) minimalist in design, is intended to replicate the aesthetic of a physical book: white background, black text, almost nothing else. It’s also designed to imitate the flow of reading a book in that, when you reach the bottom of a chapter, you’ll find a link to the following one. Despite all this design work toward minimalism, we’re still aboard the internet, so I’ve decided to put it to good use. You’ll find underlined words or phrases peppered throughout each story, and by clicking on these links, you’ll be taken to relevant imagery and information that, hopefully, will enhance your reading experience.

As the cliche goes, I absolutely write for myself. My stories are inevitably tailored to my taste. Despite this, I eagerly invite you, my esteemed guests, to read my stories–free of charge, of course.


Fiction recently posted:

  • Ice and Blood (short story)
  • The Giant’s Request (short story)
  • The Roof of Africa (novellette)



General feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome, and may be sent to: thenomadlens@gmail.com.







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