I’m JT Peterson: author, athlete, and advocate of adventure (both in and out of reality). This site is host to my fiction, which lives in various states of completion (drafts, rewrites, overhauls, etc.), all of which can be found by navigating the above menu. As the cliche goes, I absolutely write for myself, and my stories are therefore inevitably tailored to my taste.

Nonetheless, I invite you to kick back and read my work — free of charge.

As mentioned above, I cherish adventure. I’m stimulated by the natural world and the many ways one might move through, over, or beneath it. Thanks to an early exposure to Star Wars, I also have a love for science fiction. My work is typically a confluence of adventure and sci-fi, reality and stylization, the epic and the intimate. As projects are completed, I’ll post them here and update the list below.


New Works:

  • Ice and Blood
  • The Giant’s Request
  • The Roof of Africa

Works in Progress:

  • The Treasure of Nihoone


General feedback and constructive criticisms are always welcome, and may be sent to: thenomadlens@gmail.com.







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